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Quote collection FedCon [Apr. 27th, 2008|04:55 pm]
New new Geekdom - Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who


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I'm crossposting the quote collection from FedCon to this journal, maybe some of you enjoy this:

I decided to do a real quote collection before I forget them all. Of course most of them are not word for word exactly how they used them, because most of it comes out of the depths of my "con fried" brain.

LeVar Burton: "Everybody was schmalzig in the 80's!"

Marc B Lee: "If you film......YOU DIE!!!!!"

Kevin Sorbo: "If you ever have to make love to an animal, make sure it's a horse. Because you'll get a free ride home."

Brent: "I'm soooorrrry I caaaant understaaannd youuuu. Could youu speeeaaakkk a littttlllle sloooweeer. Where are you from? London?"

Peter Jurasik: "You can see that on the tape!"
Bruce Boxleitner: "They're called DVDs now, Peter."

Marina Sirtis talks about (one of those many) TNG scenes where she had to tell "old boldy" (Captain Picard / Patrick Stewart):
Marina: "Captain, he’s hiding something."
Patrick (imitated by Marina on stage): "We already know that, you stupid cow."
Marina (to the FedCon audience): "And then he RAN!... and hid behind Brent. I just went after him and told him that it wasn't my fault that those lines were the script and that I had to say them. And then I also turned to him and said: 'Patrick, but you do know that Brent doesn't really have Data's superstrength?"

A fan asks Marina about someone who did a Michael Dorn impersonation (I'm not sure exactly who was hoin what impersonation, I forgot, but will correct this as soon as I can remember, which will definitely be the case at some point). The fan got it wrong because she answered:

"That was me, yo DODO!!"

O my God, I love that statement.

Marina was asked to star in "Flipper" and her reaction was prizeless:
Marina: "I've worked side by side with PATRICK STEWART - I'm not gonna act with a FISH."

Basically she had troubles getting the right roles. She starred in a particulary bad movie and turned "Man in Black" down because she thought it would be crap. Since then she is taking every job available because she thinks she can't make out the good roles from the bad ones.

Marina also helped out some Con Newbies from BSG who were uncertain as what to say to the audience. So she told Mary:
Marina: "Mary, the only thing you have to do is swear,... and Jamie, just insult them in an English accent!"

Old ones (corrected version):

Brent Spiner (STTNG): "I just wanted to say how proud I am of the work we do on Battlestar Galactica." (Note: he's not in the series and apparently doesn't even know it)

Nicki Clyne (BSG): "It is so much fun working with Brent Spiner, the show wouldn't be the same without him."

"Have you ever seen Jamie Bamber naked?" (running gag of the weekend)

Michael Shanks (SG1) who just got a speedo from the fans, asks them whether they prefer seeing McKay or Jackson in a speedo. Everybody cheers, and he's like: "You sick people!"

Question of fan: "What happened to the planet below Babylon 5 after the station was blown up?"
Bruce Boxleitner (looking irritated) "It's probably still there?!"

Peter Jurasik after being asked what happened to the keeper on his neck: "well..uhm...I don´t know...I think its still there..."

Bruce Boxleitner (having trouble understanding the questions being asked): "Am I deaf?"

There was one fan, called Thomas, nick named Kek who asked every single actor whether he / she'd play in his fanfilm. The whole thing was kinda embarrassing. Most of them simply said "No!", but I loved the conversation between Brent and Kek. I'll try to write it down as best as I can remember:

Fan: "Hello, my name is Keck."
Brent: "What? Cake?"
Fan: "No, Keck."
Brent (still having trouble understanding him): Like a chocolate cake?
Fan: "No, Keck!"
Brent: "What does Keck mean?"
Fan: "Nothing! Well actually my name is Thomas,... but I'm called Keck."
Brent (something like): "Aha. Sure. Well I call everyone with the name of Thomas Keck..."
Fan: "I just wanted to know... I'm doing a fanfilm and I want you to play a part in it, would you do that?"
Brent: "No."
Fan: "No?"
Brent: "No, I'd rather be called Keck."
Fan: "Aha, OK."

next fan comes up to ask a question:
Fan #2: "Hello Keck!"
Brent (grinning): "Oh no, call me Thomas!"

And I think it was Michelle Forbes who began the answer to Keks question with the lovely words: "Now listen here, you little nutter..."

Brent: "It's all about timimg!"

Brent: "Say it once - it's funny, after the third time - not so funny any more. After 10 times - it's funny again..."

More statements to be added...